Leedal and The Crossing Inn Celebrate NAIDOC Week 2016

On Sunday the 3rd of July the Crossing Inn team organized a great event to celebrate NAIDOC week for 2016. Leedal would like to thank all involved for the wonderful dancing, music, storytelling and food presented.

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Leedal Presents at 2015 Pacific Asia Indigenous Tourism and Trade Conference- Vancouver

In September Leedal was invited to co-present a presentation at the Pacific Asia Indigenous Tourism and Trade Conference, which was held in Vancouver Canada, with Indigenous Business Australia’s Mark Bullock, who is their Director of Asset Management and Business Development.

So in a whirlwind, tickets were booked and presentations organized, as this was an opportunity not to be missed. The IBA wanted to showcase the Fitzroy River Lodge Partnership and the wonderful work happening there with Indigenous Employment in the hospitality sector. It was also a fantastic learning opportunity for our staff to acquire information from and participate with other indigenous nations from all over the globe, to see what they are doing in the Tourism and Trade Sectors.

Our chairman Patrick Green made the presentation to some 150 conference attendees, from many different backgrounds all over the world. If you would like to have a read of Patrick and Mark’s presentation please follow the links below:



Leedal is very much hoping to be invited to present and participate in next year’s conference, if you would like to find out more about the PAIT Conferences please check out their website:



The recent Regional Community and Development Awards night held in Perth last Friday night, saw Leedal Pty Ltd awarded with the Rinehart Development of Northern Regional WA award. The award, accepted on behalf of the company by John Rodrigues (COO), recognises businesses that work actively to promote growth and development of Northern WA’s economic development.

Also awarded was Leedal’s chairman Patrick Green. He was awarded as an Individual with the Horizon Power Leadership and Innovation award. This award was presented to Patrick for his efforts and endeavours to better the lives of the community members in and around Fitzroy Crossing over the past 30 years.

For more information visit the awards website: http://www.awardsaustralia.com/regional-achievement-community-awards/wa/current-winners/                            



Shit Box Rally 2014 comes to Fitzroy

Leedal was proud to host more than 570 people who took part in the Shit Box Car Rally 2014 and stayed at the Fitzroy Valley Lodge early in June.
From late May the contestants drove through the Kimberley all in the name of fundraising and adventure.
The Shit Box Rally raises money for the Cancer Council - but in a rather different way.
From 31 May to 6 June, hundreds of competitors took part in the competition, the only stipulation for entering is that the car you choose to compete in costs no more than $1,000, including registration costs hence Shit Box.
The rest if simple, every cent raised goes to the Cancer Council of WA.
Meals and accommodation were provided at the Lodge and great feedback was received from the Shit Box Rally contestants who stayed with us in Fitzroy.


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